New and Accessible Housing

We believe everyone should have access to housing that lets them feel truly at home. That’s why Woodnote offers well-constructed apartments for every household’s needs, with units ranging from studios to 4 bedroom apartments, in a hassle-free all-inclusive package.

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A Bustling Neighbourhood

Right across from Parc La Fontaine, Woodnote is at the centre of an active lifestyle, close to all essential services, and less than 30 minutes from the Sir George Williams Campus.

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A Project and a Community

Residents at Woodnote are more than just renters, they’re a community. Its innovative cooperative model means that every member benefits from a democratic structure without having to worry about building maintenance and regular management.

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We Have an Answer to (almost) Everything

How do I apply? What services does the cooperative offer? How long are the leases?

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