Our Mission

The Woodnote Solidarity Cooperative is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate access to affordable, inclusive, and democratically-run housing for Concordia students, within a community-focused lifestyle

The cooperative is responsible for every aspect of communal living within the building. Woodnote members don’t need to worry about the minutia of property management or building maintenance, thanks to the help of UTILE which is the landlord and manager of the building with expertise in social housing that support its mission of providing high-quality and accessible housing to students.


The Cooperative’s top priority is the quality of life of its members and will be working hand in hand with the landlord to make sure that their voice is heard. On top of that, every member has the right to vote and the power to make decisions for the cooperative.

The Advantages of Getting Involved

  • A living environment that truly responds to its members’ needs
  • An opportunity to organize collective events, activities, and services
  • The chance to build experience through concrete projects

Democratic Living

There are all kinds of ways to get involved, like the many thematic committees that will be formed and open members. The Board of Directors is also elected by the General Assembly and composed of:

  • 6 elected residents (members)
  • 1 expert in student housing from Concordia
  • 1 expert from the non-profit UTILE
  • 1 representative from the Montreal community

Our Vision

Our vision for the next five years is to have the Cooperative become fully self-managed as part of the Woodnote building. Our greatest hope is to see students develop a culture of empowerment so they can have a real and tangible impact on their own living conditions.

Our Values

A DEMOCRATIC living environment

  • One member = one vote
  • A board of directors that is elected annually
  • A non-hierarchical structure and management

A project and a COMMUNITY

  • A viable alternative to gentrification
  • An opportunity for the local community and Woodnote members to create shared spaces for dialogue and discussions

Designed to be INCLUSIVE

  • Studio apartments on the ground floor and common spaces designed for residents with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair
  • Bilingualism is prioritized in our communications to make sure as many students as possible get the information they need
  • An emphasis on parity and diversity in the selection process

A project centred around AFFORDABILITY

  • Apartments at below market rates
  • Required volunteer involvement (4 hours a semester)
  • Priority given to low-income students
  • No renovicions!


  • We recognize that this building has been constructed on unceded Indigenous land
  • We are working to develop lasting collaborations with Indigenous groups and their allies

An environmentally VIABLE and SUSTAINABLE building

  • Building designed for energy efficiency
  • Event organization and infrastructure with a reduced environmental impact
  • The opportunity to develop projects that further reduce our environmental impact