Student status

Because this project was made possible thanks to financial support from the Concordia Student Union (CSU), which represents all undergraduate students at Concordia, priority is always given to applicants who are undergraduate students at Concordia. However, students from other universities are still encouraged to submit an application and will be added to a waiting list. Students who need a wheelchair accessible unit can also apply for one of our accessible studio apartments.

Financial Resources and Financial Need

The second eligibility criterion is an applicant’s ability to pay their rent. Because we want to ensure that living at the cooperative won’t have a negative impact on your financial situation, the building manager will evaluate each applicant’s financial resources to avoid situations in which a resident is unwittingly placed in financial precarity. If you are planning to spend more than 50% of your financial resources on housing, the building manager may ask for additional supporting documents for your application, or could even request that your lease be co-signed by a guarantor.

If an applicant can’t demonstrate that they have a history as a stable tenant or employee, they’ll need the support of a guarantor. Their application will have to be include a letter of guarantee, including a commitment to co-sign the lease.

All of the applicants included in a group application are jointly responsible for rent. As such, each applicant is required to show that they have the financial resources necessary to pay their rent.

Because we know that every person’s situation is unique and deserves individual attention, the application form also has space where you can explain your financial situation in detail.

To make sure the Woodnote project is as accessible as possible, the score assigned to applicants during the selection process prioritizes individuals with lower incomes, since they have the most to gain from access to affordable housing.

Willingness to Get Involved

The solidarity cooperative model also involves a certain amount of personal involvement. This is why, throughout the application process, we want to know more about your motivation to live in a cooperative and how you feel its values reflect your own.

As mentioned in the Cooperative section, all Woodnote residents become members of the co-op when they sign their lease. Every member is asked to volunteer four hours a semester towards the project. A resident’s contribution can take many different forms, whether that’s organizing an event, a workshop, a group activity, or anything else.