Guiding Principles


We want to live in a diverse community. The selection process is intended to create a group of residents that represents that diversity. Our process takes into account gender identity, a representation from all faculties and schools, and the representation of racialized and Indigenous people.



Applicants will have the opportunity to indicate, on their application forms, whether they are a member of one or more protected groups under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and/or if they’ve experienced discrimination when trying to find an apartment in the past. In order to pay particular attention to this reality and to the barriers experienced by many people, the selection committee will ensure that this is taken into account when assigning the overall score. So we hope to break these stigmatizations and offer an equal opportunity to the greatest numbers of candidates who meet the eligibility criteria to obtain accommodation in the Note des Bois building.


Accessible Units

Do you need a unit that is accessible? Students with reduced mobility often face additional challenges finding decent housing. This is why the eight studio apartments on the ground floor are reserved for the residents who most need them. If you are a student with reduced mobility, you are strongly encouraged to apply for these units, regardless of which university you attend, since accessible units are subject to their own selection process.

All applicants must follow the steps given on the APPLICATION page to submit their candidacies.