The Apartments

STUDIO | 723 $*
2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS | starting at 1 135 $*
3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS | starting at 1 375 $*
4 BEDROOM APARTMENTS | starting at 1 780 $*

*Services include: Electricity, hot water, adjustable heating, high-speed internet, appliances, curtain rods

Not included: furniture and drapes*

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Studio Apartments

Ideal for one person or a young couple, a studio apartment in Woodnote is the perfect balance between personal space and communal living!

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Shared Apartments

Two, three, and four room units are available. These apartments offer a range of options for co-living!

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Don’t have any furniture and don’t want to buy any?

Check out the website for Pack Mobilier, a company that specializes in furniture rental.

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